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Artificial Intelligence: All You Need to Know

There is a lot of buzz in the term artificial intelligence at the moment and it has been the most searched computer term in recent years. What is this artificial intelligence and what makes it so special?

Artificial Intelligence is a type of computer program that helps the computer learn about whatever task its performing and it enhances the computer to act on its own.

The Idea of this has first coined up in the year 1955 by John McCarthy who said that in the future computers would be able to perform operations on their own. Many other scientists like Alan Turing had also worked on this idea but it was McCarthy who used the term first. He also predicted that computers would demonstrate a form of intelligence when it learns how to improve itself at solving the problems.

All about AI:

AI is a large branch of computer science whose main purpose is to build systems that can work smartly and independently, much like how people talk, move, or perform any task. Speech recognition is a type of AI in which the computer can understand what you say to it. Through this humans can give instructions to their computer or any other device just through their voice commands.

Computer vision is another field of AI that helps the computer understand and learn about the pictures it scans. Just like how humans can look at some object and identify what object it is, computer vision helps the computer recognize the object. The computer code written for this is massive and you need to input many models so that the computer can keep comparing the new inputs and eventually train itself to identify and differentiate between the objects.

Machine learning or deep learning is also a part of AI and these are very essential for computers to group or differentiate data. These fields create a brain to the computer similar to that of a human brain so that the computer can make choices similar to that of any real human.


Based on all the classification and reading of data the computer develops so well that it can predict outcomes of certain scenarios. AI is very useful especially in some tasks or fields where human life could be put at risk to perform that particular task.

Nowadays we see AI being used in almost every field like healthcare, mining, driving assistants in cars, etc. Since the range of the applications has become very high it has the jobs and also an investment in this particular field has been rising exponentially hence it has reached the heights of the trends.